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" . . . Powerful, Reliable, Affordable, Apple Support " 

Support Area's Covered:  Shropshire, U.K. 


VIP Membership: 

Apple Force One Ltd. are an independant computer consultant company and are not in any way linked or funded by Apple Inc.


Please Note: Your VIP Membership Application is subject to status and thus not garanteed. Apple Force One Ltd. will immediately refund you if you fail our strict application process. A valid direct debit instruction must be authorised by you via GoCardless. We will send you a link to setup your direct debit when you become a valid VIP Member. You must make an appointment before visiting our Apple Force One Lounge.


You will have no access without a valid appointment. 

VIP Membership: 

Once you have purchased our VIP Membership* we will provide you with a membership / discount card. 


If you want to purchase an Apple Product, being a VIP Member gives you 15% off your purchases.***

VIP Membership:

Fee:  £10.00 (Per Month)

Once you have purchased our VIP Membership* we will phone you to confirm your membership.


All appointments are at your location. Please remember to also purchase our Call Out Charge product.

" . . . Powerful, Reliable, Affordable, Apple Support " 

* Based on one request Membership Account and our Memberships are subject to status.

*** Discounts not available on new Apple products and only valid after 3 months paid membership.

** We are not providing an Internet Cafe Enviroment - our members  are treated like VIP's.

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