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" . . . Powerful, Reliable, Affordable, Apple Support " 

Support Area's Covered:  Shropshire, U.K. 


Tutoring Sessions: 

Apple Force One Ltd. are an independant computer consultant company and are not in any way linked or funded by Apple Inc.


If your Mac is still under warranty we always recommend you contact Apple Inc. direct, unless your looking for advice and support if your Mac is out of warranty. 

Tutoring Sessions: On-Site

Per Hour Fee:  n/a

At present. all appointments are at your location. We are not able to meet our customers / clients at our HQ at present. 

Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Tutoring Sessions: Off-site

Per Hour Fee:  £59.99

Once you have purchased our Tutoring Session Fee's* Off-site, we will phone you to arrange a suitable appointment. 


All appointments are at your location. 

" . . . Powerful, Reliable, Affordable, Apple Support " 

All booked Tutoring Session fee's are agreed and paid in advance.

*Based on one person. Increase the quantity based on per person(s).

Refunds are only authorised by us if you cancel within 24hrs. 

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